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  • Clean your Closets

    Spring is upon us and it is time to ‘clean your closets’ by reflecting on past accomplishments, and refocusing your future goals.

  • The courage to act

    Over the last few months, we in the 349th Medical Group have had the privilege of recognizing two members that came to the aid of civilians in the local area. Utilizing her Air Force training, Senior Airman Erica Torres provided life-saving care to a bullet wound victim to control extensive

  • Continuous improvement in the digital age

    The 21st Century digital age opened the door for each of us to stay connected almost continuously - barring a lost cell signal in the barren desert. That is an amazing and wonderful development for society. However, an unintended consequence of the digital age is that expectations changed with

  • Veteran's Day - a time to pay tribute

    This month we will take time out, as we always do on Veteran's Day, to pay special tribute to the millions of veterans who served and are still serving this great nation. From Private Frank Buckles, who passed in March of this year at age 110, and was the last known surviving World War I veteran, to