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  • 349th Air Mobility Wing FY18 UTA Schedule

    349th Air Mobility Wing FY18 UTA Schedule
  • Air Force Weapon Systems Fact Sheet Links

    A-10 http://www.af.mil/AboutUs/FactSheets/Display/tabid/224/Article/104490/a-10-thunderbolt-ii.aspx  B-52http://www.af.mil/AboutUs/FactSheets/Display/tabid/224/Article/104465/b-52-stratofortress.aspx
  • 349th Air Mobility Wing Heritage

    Abbreviated History of the 349th Air Mobility Wing 520 Waldron St Travis AFB, CA 94535-2100 707-424-3936
  • 349th Air Mobility Wing History Facts

    Unit Designations 349th Troop Carrier Group- Nov. 1 1943 349th Troop Carrier Wing, Medium- May 10, 1949 349th Fighter-Bomber Wing- May 26, 1952 349th Troop Carrier Wing, Medium- Sept. 1, 1957 349th Military Airlift Wing- June 1, 1966 349th Military Airlift Wing (Associate)- July 25, 1969 349th Airlift Wing (Associate)- June 1, 1992 349th Air

    Service: U.S. Air Force Component: Reserve Mission: Rapid Global Mobility Role: Associate Aircraft flown: C-5M, KC-10A, C-17 Strength: Aprox 2,700 Location: San Francisco Bay Area Commander: Col. Raymond A. Kozak
  • 349th AMW Awards and Decorations

    349th Air Mobility WingAwards and RecognitionThe 349th, in its various designations as a Military Airlift Wing, an Airlift Wing, and now as an Air Mobility Wing, has earned seventeen Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards, one with valor, the dates of which are:349th Military Airlift Wing for the period: Dec. 23, 1964 - Jan. 22, 1965349th Military