349th Air Mobility WingCOVID-19


Travis AFB is currently in Health Protection Condition (HPCON) BRAVO+ and the 349th will continue on the current course safely.

HPCON Bravo+ includes the following actions:

  • Modified shelter at home with the following exceptions: to obtain food, care for a relative or family member, seek health care, visit businesses or go to work. 
  • Practice strict hygiene measures such as frequently washing and/or sanitizing hands; wiping common-use items with disinfectant; covering mouths and noses with a tissue or sleeve when coughing or sneezing; and staying home when sick.
  • Practice physical distancing and refrain from physical contact such as hand shaking, fist bumps, etc.
  • Wear an approved face covering when physical distancing is not possible.
  • All on-base, gatherings (defined as more than 10 people) are cancelled, with the exception of formal ceremonies and mission-essential activities approved by unit commanders. In such cases, group size should be limited to the smallest practical and include proper physical distancing.
  • The base hair salon and barbershops are closed.
  • Worship services are limited to virtual-only while options for outdoor services are considered and protective measures put in place.
  • The fitness center is open to active-duty only with the continued appointment-based access and sanitation procedures. Unit gyms will remain open following previously approved sanitation plans.  These facilities are necessary to maintain the readiness of our force.

Please visit our Facebook page for the latest information.

Please see DGMC Facebook and FSS Website for the latest information regarding their services

Closings and limited services

 Limited Services

  • Urgent Care Services are offered Mon-Sun from 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m (provided in the same location as the ER) until further notice as Emergency Room services are temporarily unavailable. The Urgent Care Center parking is located in the same location as the Emergency room parking.  If you have a life threatening condition, please call 911 or go to the nearest off base ER.
  • Fitness Center
  • Finance
  • Visitor Control Center
  • Legal Office
  • Public Affairs
  • Chaplain/Chapel/Worship Services


  • Barber Shop
  • Movie Theater 

Travel guidance

DoD Stop Movement Order

Military Personnel: COVID-19
On 19 June 2020, Lt Gen Scobee signed the Travel Authorization Waiver for all Reservists. This letter supersedes other guidance and authorizes travel for members to participate in active and inactive duty training at their assigned duty locations.

A separate waiver is needed for personnel who require official travel to a location other than their primary assigned duty location.

Commanders may still allow members to complete training by means that do not require travel (i.e. telework).

DoD Civilian Personnel: Effective 16 March 2020, DoD civilian personnel are not permitted to engage in government-funded travel including PCS and TDY. Personnel who commenced travel for PCS or TDY prior to 16 March 2020 may continue to their final destination. Individuals who are currently TDY are authorized to return to their home station upon completion of the TDY or earlier if recalled by their home-station commander. There are no restrictions for a leave area.

Family Members: Effective 16 March 2020, family members of DoD military and civilian personnel are not permitted to engage in government-funded travel including PCS and TDY. Family members are not restricted from traveling, though they should decide if travel is necessary.



CDC Mandates

  • Social Distancing - 6 ft. between people
  • Face coverings or masks
  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds
  • Wipe down your workspace

Cloth face masks

Making face masks

Air Force Face Mask guidance


As you enter the gate, please hold onto your ID card and show the back barcode to the Security Forces Defender. He or she will scan your ID card and allow entrance onto the installation. These new procedures will help reduce the amount of contact between one another.

As always, please follow the Defenders' instructions.

HPCON Breakdown

0: Routine – No Community Transmission

  • Maintain your everyday actions to stop the spread of germs
    • Wash hands – 20 sec with soap and water
    • Cover cough/sneeze
    • Ensure immunizations up to date
    • Stay home if you are sick

Alpha: Limited – Community Transmission Begins

  • Maintain your routine actions and:
    • Routinely clean and disinfect frequently touched objects
    • If sick, call your provider for guidance before going to the clinic
    • Stay informed from CDC and local public health agencies

Bravo: Moderate – Increased Community Transmission

  • Maintain routine and limited actions and:
    • Practice social distancing
    • Avoid unnecessary travel
    • Observe local guidance on movement restrictions
    • Comply with medical orders for self-isolation or quarantine 

Charlie: Substantial – Sustained Community Transmission

  • Maintain routine, limited and moderate actions and:
    • Prepare for limited access to supplies and services
    • Implement remote work procedures

Delta: Severe – Widespread Community Transmission

  • Maintain all other protective measures and:
    • Expect to remain at home for extended periods of time
    • Follow all directives and guidance from local, state, and federal authorities