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  • Former 349th AMW commander named Deputy Commander, Air Force Reserve Command

    Former 349th AMW commander, Maj. Gen. John C. Flournoy, Jr., named Deputy Commander, Air Force Reserve Command
  • 4th Air Force names 349th AMW members, 1st Sgt council, award winners

    Congratulations to our Fourth Air Force Annual Award Winners.
  • 349th Air Mobility Wing names Annual Award Winners

    Congratulation to the 349th Air Mobility Wing 2018 Annual Award Winners.
  • Team Travis hosts its first key spouse recognition ceremony

    More than 150 key spouses and their mentors were formally recognized and praised for their support of military families and their spouses’ Air Force squadron, during the first Key Spouse Recognition ceremony. The 349th Air Mobility sends out a big "thank you" to our 349th AMW Key Supporter, Mrs Josefa Moreno.
  • The importance of sleep

    Most of us are aware that a good night’s sleep is important, enabling the repair and rejuvenation of cells throughout the body. When you’ve had a bad night’s sleep, you’re probably dragging at work the next day, have trouble concentrating, feel out of it, and may have a slower reaction time to that car stopping in front of you while
  • 349th Air Mobility Wing first shirt supports Women's History Month

    Come out and support our very own Master Sgt. Erin Esquer, 349th Logistics Readiness Squadron's First Sergeant.
  • X-STEM at Travis event inspires region’s students

    The scene of a middle school science fair is universal. A packed auditorium, teachers shuffling from project to project busily writing notes on a clipboard and the ever-present smell of vinegar from a volcano project that used way too much baking soda. Something they don’t usually have? A C-17 Globemaster III aircraft parked in the background.
  • 349th Air Mobility Wing training gives key to navigate Reserve pay, benefits

    Mission Success for Citizen Airmen provides a training class each Friday prior to the Unit Training Assembly to help members figure out Reserve pay and benefits.
  • Reserve Citizen Airman’s quick action saves lives

    It was just another day for Staff Sgt. Emily Johnson, 349th Aeromedical Staging Squadron administrative assistant. She had finished up work at Travis Air Force Base, California, assisting members of the 349th Air Mobility Wing with travel voucher issues. After a change of clothes, she was on her way to class in Vallejo, where she was taking classes to fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor.  As she drove down I-80 during its treacherous rush hour, the truck in front of her changed lanes revealing a 65-mile-per-hour collision course with a stopped car.
  • Two Travis Airmen selected for RPA pilot program

    A C-5M Super Galaxy flight engineer and a flight line expediter at Travis Air Force Base were among the 24 Airmen selected to become Enlisted Remotely Piloted Aircraft Pilots earlier this month when the 2019 ERPA selection board results were announced.