Around the Wing

  • Published
  • By Ellen Hatfield
  • 349 AMW
Question: Do you have a New Year’s resolution or goal for 2016? If not, what did you do in 2015 to make a difference? 

Judy Yon, Chief of the 349th Air Mobility Wing military pay section, is a proud new mother of a three-month old baby girl. “I’m going with the popular resolution, which is to drop the holiday and baby pounds off,” she said. “It works well for me here, as we get physical training time.”

Claire Deloviar, who works with Yon in military pay echoed her resolution. “I’d like to lose 20 pounds,” she said.

Across the hall in the Travel Pay section, Chief Lynne Curran is looking at the big picture for her resolution. “For 2016, I would love to make the 349 AMW/FMT one of the best Travel Pay offices in the Air Force Reserve. We have the people to do it and the backing of leadership to make that happen. That is an uncommon combination these days.

Travis AFB is one of the best places to work. It's like a large extended family. I want to help my family shine!”

David Mullet, 349th AMW administrative assistant in the Wing Commander’s office said, “I’ve not been able to do much drag racing, so I want to do more next year. It’s therapy for me.”


Pam Rickling is the new comptroller for the 349th Financial Management section, and recently retired from the Reserve. She laughingly said her greatest accomplishment for 2015 was maintaining her sanity. “At least, I think I’m still sane,” she said. “My resolution for 2016 is pretty boring and predictable – run more, drink less. I really love my wine!” (California is consistently the number one wine producing state in the U.S., so we’re living in the right place, Pam!)

Master Sgt. Gaylen Clemons is assigned to the communications section of the 349th Force Support Squadron, in client support. “I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but I do enjoy serving others. This Christmas was memorable, as my family and I served meals to about 70 homeless people. It is heart fulfilling, and teaches my grandchildren not to be selfish.”

Technical Sgt. Jessica Knight is the Knowledge Manager for the Communications section. She didn’t have any resolutions for 2016, but she is well known throughout the wing as an Airman who volunteers generously, and makes a difference throughout the year. “I’m proudest this year, that I helped raise $10,000 for the 349th Friends of Airman & Family Readiness, to help Airmen in need. It was great.”

Peter Briggs is a retired reservist, and now a Resource Advisor in the 349th FM section. He also doesn’t make New Year’s resolutions, but has worked hard to streamline some processes for the more than 3,100 reservists assigned here. “Automating the Form 428 and Form 3821 processes has to be my biggest accomplishment,” he said. “Before it was rather clunky, and now we’re able to do a one-day turnaround in most cases.” He said he’s also glad that Lily Corpus has joined the FM team.

Lily Corpus is the newest member of the 349th FM team, and she says she’s trying to learn from Peter. “Just to be happy and think positive is my 2016 New Year’s resolution,” she said.

Capt. Steven Armour, military chief of the FM section, unlike others, said he had multiple New Year’s resolutions. “The one that seems to stand out the most is committing to spend more time with family, both immediate and extended.”