Clean your Closets

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Regina Buckhalter
  • 349th Medical Group Superintendent
 Most people set goals.  Historically, goals are design to set you on a path to what you will change, or what you will improve upon.  What goals have you set?  Whatever they may be, do not let life’s challenges stifle your ambition to complete these goals.  Create a plan with milestones to reach your ultimate goal.  Make each milestone an achievable objective to get you to your desired result.  

‘Cleaning your closets’ also involves reflecting on what you should do to become a better person.  That means many different things to different people.  It could mean changing the way you react to challenges in life, to choosing a different career path.  When cleaning your personal closets of life, take time to look at what significantly needs attention and work towards those endeavors.  Cleaning the closets of your mind, body and spirit gives you a better perspective on what is important, and on leaving behind those things that have no impact to a positive and productive life.

There will be times when it seems things are going ‘all wrong,’ but realize in life, things are usually temporal and eventually pass.  When we are in those times, we should begin to refocus our energy on to what is positive.  Keep in mind, some things are beyond our locus of control, and we must learn to accept that.  When we realize that, we can move forward to what we can control. 

So, when you are ‘cleaning your closets’ this spring, remember set goals, keep perspective, accept somethings are out of your control, and remember this too shall pass!