Helping Hands

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Brady Penn
  • 349th Air Mobility Wing
It isn’t every day you find out that the work you’re apart of has an impact on your extended family and people you know, especially when they live far and away. “As a crew chief it’s easy to sometimes overlook the impact our work can have,” said Airman 1st Class Sneha Lakshminarayanan, a crew chief with the 749th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, and Reserve Citizen Airman of Indian descent. So when she found out that her wingmen in the 349th AMXS had recently loaded COVID-19 relief medical supplies onto a Team Travis aircraft destined to India, she shared the news with her parents, who had immigrated to the U.S from India a year before her birth. They had been following the news regarding the pandemic, and were worried for family and friends back home, Lakshminarayanan said. When her parents learned of the relief efforts, they were comforted and thankful for the aid her wing was able to help deliver to families back home, she said. The experience served as a great reminder of how every day Reserve Citizen Airmen make a difference to people at home and abroad. “It is very rewarding knowing how important our work is, and the impact it has on people and families around the world,” Lakshminarayanan said. (Photo by Senior Airman Brady Penn)