Travis Air Force Base announces marquee use policy

  • Published
  • By 349th Air Mobility Wing, Public Affairs
  • 349 AMW

Base marquee requests will be posted according to the priorities. All other requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The priorities are as follows: 
-Commander’s High Interest Items: Content the commander deems a high interest item (AADD, wing-wide events, etc.)
-Distinguished Visitors: DV arrivals and welcomes are limited to O-6 and above, command chiefs and civilian equivalents that are conducting base
-Change of Commands: Priority is given to wing and group-level change of commands.
-Commander’s Calls/Town Halls: Announcements are limited to wing-level and above.
-Retirements: Retirement announcements are limited to E-9s with 20 years in service, O-6s and above with 20 years in service and federal employees with
more than 25 years of service.
-Fundraisers: Limited to campaigns authorized by Air Force regulations, namely the Combined Federal Campaign and the Air Force Assistance Fund.
-Force Support Squadron: FSS events should be advertised through the FSS Marketing Department.

For questions, comments or concerns, contact 60 AMW/PA at