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Travis Air Force Base announces marquee use policy

Travis AFB front gate sign

Travis AFB front gate sign


Base marquee requests will be posted according to the priorities. All other requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The priorities are as follows: 
-Commander’s High Interest Items: Content the commander deems a high interest item (AADD, wing-wide events, etc.)
-Distinguished Visitors: DV arrivals and welcomes are limited to O-6 and above, command chiefs and civilian equivalents that are conducting base
-Change of Commands: Priority is given to wing and group-level change of commands.
-Commander’s Calls/Town Halls: Announcements are limited to wing-level and above.
-Retirements: Retirement announcements are limited to E-9s with 20 years in service, O-6s and above with 20 years in service and federal employees with
more than 25 years of service.
-Fundraisers: Limited to campaigns authorized by Air Force regulations, namely the Combined Federal Campaign and the Air Force Assistance Fund.
-Force Support Squadron: FSS events should be advertised through the FSS Marketing Department.

For questions, comments or concerns, contact 60 AMW/PA at 60AMWPA@us.af.mil.