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AF Reserve Tuition Assistance Update

  • Published
  • By HQ ARPC Public Affairs

Department of the Air Force officials recently announced a reduction in tuition assistance benefits from $4,500 to $3,750 per fiscal year. This change, however, applies only to the military tuition assistance program (MilTA) and does not impact the Reserve tuition assistance program (ResTA).

Guidance found in the Total Force Management regulation effective 25 June 2020 (AFI 36-2670), remains unchanged regarding the fiscal year cap for Reserve tuition assistance funds.

Per section 6.8.9, financial benefits for undergraduate and graduate degree course(s) will not exceed $250.00 per semester hour or $166.66 per quarter hour. The maximum cumulative benefit for ResTA will remain unchanged and may not exceed $4,500 per fiscal year. Per section,, the combined cap for members eligible for both ResTA and MilTA also remains unchanged at $4,500 per fiscal year.

Members of the Guard and Reserve are encouraged to contact their wing education office for full details on the Reserve tuition assistance program.