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AFRC restructures enlisted grade force

  • Published
  • Air Force Reserve Command Public Affairs

On Oct. 1, more than 3,500 enlisted Reserve Citizen Airmen will see upgrades to their grade authorizations.

MAJCOM senior enlisted leaders and other key members reviewed, evaluated and restructured the enlisted grade authorizations as part of the Enlisted Grade Council, established in 2016. The council grew out of a continuous process improvement event to ensure skill levels met AFRC readiness requirements for the AF Reserve. The new grade restructure gives senior leaders more flexibility to meet mission requirements and gives Airmen more opportunities to promote. It also aligns with Lt. Gen. Richard Scobee’s strategic priorities of reforming the organization, building resilient leaders and accelerating readiness. Scobee is the Chief of the Air Force Reserve and commander of the Air Force Reserve.

“With the restructure of the AFRC enlisted grade authorizations, we are in a position to promote the right Airmen, into the right vacancies, to capitalize on that individual’s leadership potential,” said Air Force Reserve Command Chief Master Sgt. Timothy White.

The approved grade changes apply to all statuses within the enlisted Reserve force (Active Guard Reserve members, Air Reserve Technicians, Traditional Reservists and Individual Mobilization Augmentees). The AFRC enlisted grade council will chart the changes and will periodically review, evaluate and manage the enlisted force structure to utilize the Reserve force more efficiently, White explained.

The command chief handles management of the AFRC council with the command’s chief enlisted managers. Final approval of the grade changes rests with Scobee.

However, not all enlisted grade authorizations will be upgraded. There will be a reduction in grade authorizations for 2 percent of the enlisted force. Personnel currently in those grades will not be impacted. Any desired position moves will be managed by AFRC’s Manpower, Personnel, and Services (A1) directorate, local force support squadrons and Reserve Integration Office detachments.

“The changes on October 1 serve to create a more efficient enlisted force, increase mission readiness and enhance force development across the command,” said Chief Master Sgt. Eric Smith, Chief Enlisted Manager Command and Special Staff, at AFRC Headquarters. He also worked closely with senior leadership on the enlisted grade review. According to Smith, the enlisted grade council will continue to meet regularly to review this restructure.

“I am proud of the deliberate, readiness-focused results the AFRC enlisted force restructure provides to our Reserve Citizen Airmen,” White said. “The opportunity for more than 3,500 enlisted Airmen to be challenged with new rank and responsibility only encourages strategic depth and accelerated readiness to meet our command’s mission.”

With the implementation of the new enlisted force structure finalized, AFRC is now shifting focus to the officer corps, with an officer force structure/force mix initial review initiated in July to begin the process of ensuring accurate force mix across all ranks.

More information regarding the enlisted force structure will be provided through force support, RIO detachments, CEM and MFM channels by October.