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Boost your New Year’s health resolutions with free health screening

Civilian Health Promotion Servies: Do Aknow your numbers?

Civilian Health Promotion Servies: Do Aknow your numbers?

TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. – Civilian Health Promotion Services is now in its second year at Travis Air Force Base.  The CHPS staff have been making their way around base, to squadrons, promoting health.  Their positive energy is contagious as they visit buildings with their screening equipment and educational materials in tow.  

CHPS is a mobile worksite wellness program that provides free wellness resources to employees guiding them toward a healthy lifestyle through awareness of current health status and behavior modification skills.

CHPS offers free wellness screenings (Cardiac Risk Profile: glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure and body composition analysis), health education classes, health awareness campaigns and wellness challenges.  These services are available to all federal civilian employees and most services are also open to AD.

CHPS has a website portal which allows participants to access tools to enhance their mental, social, spiritual and physical health.  Visit AFMCwellness.com to complete your Health Risk Assessment to identify your health risk factors and how CHPS may help you on your health journey.  Early identification and management of risk factors through healthy lifestyle behavior can help individuals stay healthy and live a long productive life.

CHPS is located at 450 First St, Bldg. 251, please use the side entrance.  Weekly office hours are Mondays from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. To complete your free screening or gather resources to improve your health; stop by.

For more information regarding wellness screenings and health education offerings, contact your local CHPS team at 707-424-CHPS, CHPSTravis@foh.hhs.gov or visit AFMCwellness.com.