• Check wheels down one last time

       July 2023 will mark 43 years of service for the KC-10A Extender and its inaugural flight. The following year in 1981, the U.S. Air Force received delivery of this magnificent airframe at Barksdale Air Force Base, LA.   In March of this year, the 70th Air Refueling Squadron filed a final flight

  • 349th AMW welcomes new Director of Psychological Health

    Well-being and mental health are significant players in what makes a person whole, content, and full of zest.  Though often ruts in the pavement do appear during a person’s travels along the road of life, a minor tune up may be required.Getting back up on the pavement is the aim, just as this one

  • Despite Continuing Resolution, It’s Business as Usual for Reservists

    While the Air Force will be operating under a continuing resolution again for the start of fiscal year 2023, Lt. Gen. John Healy wants Reserve Citizen Airmen to know the CR will not slow down Air Force Reserve Command.“Although we are facing another continuing resolution for at least the first part

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